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      1.Import and export trade of automotive components and parts. With our rich customer relationships and channels, the Group has obtained the agency authorization of a famous foreign automotive components and parts manufacturer.
       2.Trade of rubber raw materials and special rubber compounds. The company proactively expands its business in rubber raw materials and special rubber compounds on the basis of its enterprise features, technological strength and production conditions, and provides solutions for   domestic rubber products industry in relation to the production of stable raw materials and diversified high-quality special rubber compounds.
       3.Import and export of new energy materials and technologies. The company has reached cooperation with noted foreign car maker to jointly develop and manufacture components and parts for new energy vehicles as well as improve the technological level of the industry.
       4.Import and export of automated equipment. The company strives to introduce its advanced automated equipment with independent intellectual property rights to foreign market under the support of the overall strength of the company.

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