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      Group Profile

          Qingdao Changyu Group consists of Qingdao Changyu Sealing Co.,Ltd.,Shandong Laiyang Changyu Sealing Products Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Changyu New Energy Co., Ltd. and Shandong Changyu Technical Development Center in Qingdao University of Science & Technology.We produce various case oil seals and rubber sealing products mainly.Now we have been the supplier for many famous companies,such as GM,Ford,Volkswagen,Mazda,Schaeffler,Mahle,Getrag,FAW,Geely,Haima,BYD and Chery.

           We are certificated with the ISO9001 and ISO16949 International Quality System Certification and ISO14001 Environment System Certification.We had world advanced production equipments and testing instruments,and we had developed a number of scientific and technological achievements and got the national patents. We got honorary titles of "National High-Tech Enterprise","Shandong Star Enterprise of Chinese Patent" and 'Shandong Yantai Enterprise Technical Center".We are one of the major scientific research and production bases in China for rubber sealing products.




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